welcome to the GOLDEN GETAWAY!

Thanks for stopping by! When you visit any new website its easy to get lost. Here you will find everything our blog entails, with a brief summary to get you started and help you find your way. Enjoy!


ADVENTURES  – this section has our entire journey in one space. We start in luxurious Dubai, work our way across North America camping, hop over to the Caribbean & Belize, up through the Yucatan Peninsula, back down, back up, back down and beyond. We are traveling south to Chile in the camper van (aka THE TANK) we purchased in Belize.


AS IT HAPPENS – is our daily feed and updates as and when they happen.

JOURNAL – if you are seeking a more intimate read, we have created our own personal online diary to share with you. Here you will find an account of the GOLDEN GETAWAY as seen through our unique eyes.  The ups, the downs, the highs and lows. Laugh with us, cry with us, get inspired!

JUST YESTERDAY – is an account of whats been happening over a few days.

THE SERIES is where you can find our journey in the form of a book.

Explore the journey in its entirety. Don’t miss out on a single moment of the GOLDEN GETAWAY! The adventure has been going since March 2014 and we have only just begun! Happy reading!


– here we showcase our weekly inspiration in whatever form we may find it – through pictures, text and/or videos.

QUOTES – here you will find our special moments in photograph, connected to a quote or a thought we find inspiring. Unfortunately we miss so much on camera as the first and most important point of call is always to enjoy the moments as they happen, standard.

VIDEOS – this is a new section to the blog – we are making more efforts to record whats happening in order to share the journey with you in its truest form. We promise to get better at it and will turn this space into a series of episodes. Enjoy!


We wish for this space to be a place for everyone to share their memorable moments and inspiration.

Please EMAIL US with your pictures, thoughts, quotes, any ideas you have for this space. Let’s all share the joy!

Be sure to check out our Facebook  as you can catch up on our daily adventures!!

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