• Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Plan and expect the worst, this way you will always be prepared.
  • Always keep some cash on you in case of emergencies.
  • Always have small bills, these come in handy when tipping (especially in Jamaica)
  • Take photocopies & scan your passport and drivers license.
  • Don’t flash you gadgets.
  • Stay organized – keep you wallet, backpack and bag orderly.
  • Never leave home without baby wipes!
  • Ladies – You’d be surprised how handy a shawl is, keep it with you at all times.
  • Zip lock bags are epic!
  • Always understand your route and surrounding areas in case you need to deviate.
  • If you have a phone keep important numbers on speed dial.
  • If you don’t have a phone, keep those numbers handy.
  • Leave a trail – where ever you go and wherever you’ve gone.
  • Show no weakness.
  • Make sure you’ve got the right shoes for the right environment.
  • Be as prepared as possible for rain.



  • Always keep a first aid kit within arms reach.
  • For colder climates, gloves and a hat are essential to keep you comfortable.
  • Never leave home without bug spray & sun block.
  • A hot water bottle works wonders when camping in cold climates.
  • People are always trying to get something for nothing – you don’t owe them… stand your ground.
  • Be weary… You’ve got two eyes, but many are looking at you. Stay alert & aware.
  • Never tell those that you aren’t comfortable with your past or your future, the evil eye is always watching.
  • What ever country your in, remember it isn’t your own. You hold no weight or understanding as to your environment now.
  • The fear of attack is always present, whether it may or may not happen is irrelevant.



How can we afford this trip?

Luke: We can’t (actually laughing out loud). Our hopes far exceeded our budget but as I’ve known, fortune favors the brave.

Jenna: In all seriousness, we worked very hard in Dubai for many years and saved up what we thought was enough cash. However, the kitty is running dry!

Do you ever get tired of the traveler life?

Luke: No. There’s always a great adventure beyond our door step. There is always something new, fresh and invigorating to come across.

Jenna: Seldom, but it does happen, missing a home base and not having to budget or worry about cash. But you can’t put a price on the experience and the pros far exceed the cons. Waking up in a beautiful paradise, exploring new territory, meeting hundreds of new people and understanding their journey are all part of the beauty this journey entails.

How do you decide on your path?

Luke: We go where the wind takes us. We have a short term path, similar to maze, with a start and end point, leading us down to Chile, but the in between we make up as we go.

How much do you spend a day?

Jenna: We try very hard to stick to 100 USD a day but that seldom happens. It is a give and take equation. I know we can spend less but right now we are a tad spoiled.

Luke: It varies on fuel consumption, availability of food, accommodation and petrol is a killer (300 USD to fill up the TANK)

How do we stay clean and do we shower regularly?

Jenna: I’m obsessed with showering and we have therefor found ourselves using random garden hoses in the middle of the night whilst guard dogs bark all around, in the middle car lots, in the rain, in pools, ponds, lakes and oceans. Not the usual marble tiled, high water pressured showers we jadore but it works and is a means to an end.

How do you deal with different insects and life threatening illnesses that linger in most of the areas you pass?

Luke: There are people who have lived there for centuries and so why can’t we? You have to ask the right questions and listen to the answers. Just take every precaution you can (ie vaccinations, when eating and drinking out, be extra cautious).

What is it like to be off work and seeing the world?

Jenna: It is amazing! But this adventure is by no means a piece of cake. It is more than a 9-5. We have to constantly be aware and alert, constantly. When I worked in fashion, I never had a break down, even when working for 20 hours a day during our Buying Campaign. However, out here in the wild, you go through extreme emotions, the fabulous highs and character building lows (quoting Wayne Barron as that sums it up).

Luke: This is no sick week! Whether you are camping in a RV or making camp in the jungle, you need to be thinking of what your body needs to do the activities you want to do. Not to mention security, comfort and a good nights rest! If you don’t get good sleep you cant tolerate ANYONE OR ANYTHING!

What happens if and when your vehicle breaks down, things are broken, stolen or damaged?

Luke: You are responsible for solving and answering this problem. If you are resourceful then you will concur any problem and own it. This is all part of the story so KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!

Are you ever worried about being robbed?

Jenna: Always! Ha! I am super cautious and always looking over my shoulder. When driving, my eyes don’t stay still as I am scanning the roads for anything that may look shady.

Luke: Always! It helps us keep track of what we have and what are our key essentials in order to make sure that we prioritize what we need to escape in a hurry. We show no wealth, maintain eye contact with every passing stranger, show respect and no weakness.

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  1. Dear Jenna And Luke. I have tried to communicate via Facebook.I admire you both for what you are doing an experience of a lifetime on very little money you have definitely got to be soul mates to suffer the lows and the highs .When travelling by car to Mexico from Washington once with family and au pair in toe she reminded me (I said if you have a headache you will forget and remember the experience)uncle Bryan has invested in a forest in Belize would you believe says he believes the trees are growing well .That is the nearest he will get to living life to the full ,he has however just experienced some serious sailing off Greece that he was glad to survive..No other news for you at the moment have not seen your mum for a long time she did say she wanted to join us here in France (no show work commitments )!i think the full measure of your dad’s death has caught up with her?I still think of your dad I always loved his humour.Much love hope I have not bored you by writing too much. stay safe much love Aunty Kathleen and Uncle John (he is asleep at the moment after a good lunch) to your little dog

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