CAUTION: The following images are uncensored & raw. Doggy lovers beware.

There are some things I struggle to understand. Things I’ve only witnessed in the 3rd world. Yesterday I struggled once again.

All dogs on the farm were neutered by two American vets inside the vehicle workshop. It was a conveyor belt of fear.



Whilst the men were trying to round-up the scared dogs, screams of fear and confusion resonated the compound walls. These dogs are wild and have never been handled before.


From what we observed, of the 15 people there, whilst the children were running around playing, almost everyone was oblivious to compassion.


One of the problems in Belize are the thousands of stray dogs and managing the problem is encouraged/ supported by the humane society. In certain parts of Belize neutering is completely covered by the humane society and in others the humane society pays a portion of the bill.


The two veterinarians bartered their services in exchange for a vehicle. It was obvious that they were in a hurry to get through the 12 dogs on the list. In that they lost their compassion for animals – quite possibly in its entirety.


In a roundabout way, fear keeps us alive, fear keeps us safe. Once we become too comfortable with any task and loose our fear, mistakes will happen. Last night we lost one of the dogs.

Without sounding over dramatic, witnessing this raw ordeal was quite possibly one of the most difficult things I’ve seen to date and in terms of hard days on the road – it tops the list.  


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  1. Whoa. I have a super soft spot for pups so it kills me to see them treated like “things.” Shame on those vets for their complacency in caring for those tiny lives :(. Sorry to hear about the little lost soul. Keep your heads up, there are still some things to be seen that will restore your faith in humanity, I’m sure :).

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    • I know.. Couldn’t agree with you more. JJ is our first dog, we love him to bits and i just can not understand the lack compassion in some. Yesterdays event was so difficult and i’ve been in a funk all day, but of course not all faith is lost – the highs and lows of travel. Lots of love xxx Jen

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  2. Keep your heads up. Belize is one country that tried hard with the Humane Society influence. As you get further south it is no more. We shouldn’t shame them from doing things this way when it’s all that can be done. Plus a male neuter can take only a matter of minutes. These pups will have a better chance at life bc there won’t be so many running around to compete with. I wouldn’t normally respond to animal posts bc in the US and other developed countries we just can’t fathom the lack of funding for anything in these countries, let alone stray animals. When we entered Honduras, we witnessed a dead dog used to fill a pot hole and it made me think “I really miss Belize and Mexico”


  3. It’s sad, but you have to remember in third world they’re worrying about people starving to death etc so treatment of animals goes down the drain. I moved from first world to third world and I always remember that my cat lived a better life than a lot of people I see out here.


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