Jenna: I’ve never traveled the states in a vehicle. It was always from one airport to the next, to some plush hotel or home and what followed was the usual city experience. Not to say this sort of travel wasn’t amazing, but now that I’ve experienced real traveling, outside of the big cities, driving the small roads and getting lost, seeing everything (or almost everything) getting involved with the locals and participating in their customs, knee-deep, in the thick of it, I’d never ever travel the same way again. Sod the airports if you can. Drive!

These images were taken during our 8,500 mile drive around the states and my God she was beautiful. Around every bend came a surprise. Many times I would wonder, ‘can it get better than this?’ and it always did.

Simply magnificent.

Enjoy the pictures through our lens and sooner than later you should get out there too! What’s holding you back?


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