We left Belize City and headed towards Belmopan bright and early.

JJ is used to living on a farm with 30 other dogs and let’s just say that in his former life, sleep was secondary to his usual midday – midnight puppy fights. We were up and on the road by 5am.




Jay Senior suggested we camp out in the middle of the jungle and handed over his sat nav (spoilt campers). Belize is a small country so it doesn’t take too long to get anywhere, unless you’re driving a beast such as our GG Van TANK.

Once we arrived in Belmopan, we drove for hours up and down hummingbird highway at a snail’s pace searching for any place that would accommodate us. All we ever need is a measly plug.. You wouldn’t think that’s too hard to find, but it is.

Luke: This was not a good journey. Jenna was driving, getting flustered and so I took over when she was at boiling point. Our last option was a gem. We stumbled across the Sleeping Giant rain forest lodge where our intention was to seek advice as we were at a loss. We needed a camp site, we needed a plug. But of course 4 rum punches later, we weren’t driving anywhere. To the pool and chilllllll!



Jenna: Seeing as we are semi-broke travellers, we ummed and awed as to whether we should pay the premium price for a room (aka villa), but it was Lukeys birthday so… SOD IT! The Sleeping Giant is by far the most beautiful hotel ever. It’s in the middle of the jungle, 12 rooms only, streams galore, flowers everywhere, hundreds of humming birds hovering around the gardens. It is nature at its finest.







Luke: JJ was the biggest ice breaker – just send him in and boom everyone loves him. He was getting rubs, kisses, cuddles and too many treats, the little barrel. I really loved it here. What a wicked mix of individuals that we met. Annaliesa and Chris from Canada; very nice people and pleasure to have met. Also the cool Americans Alex the third and his wife Kim.

Allen The Third, Chris and I wandered off mid afternoon to explore the rivers via canoes. We ended up rope swinging forty feet into a  river and saw a definite human poo on the trail. That will throw you if your bare foot clambering up the side of the embankment with a canoe in tow. Then  we had to go back up the rapids as otherwise we would have hitch hiked back up, bare-chested and deep in the tropics – miles from anywhere. Muppets – ha. Good fun around.

Jenna: We met these two beautiful couples and spent our days sharing stories and drinking spiked punch. In the evenings we all broke bread together and celebrated life. Perfection.


Luke: We took JJ on his first hike down into the pitch black St. Herman’s cave and for a swim in the cool and refreshing waters of the blue hole (he wasn’t a fan). He was however a fan of searching for and then devouring python eggs that were hidden amongst the bush and chasing the various ducks that roamed the gardens freely.



Jenna: Our second night we begged for a room but they were fully booked (budgets went out the window in hopes of another night in our cabana). We ended up camping outside the lodge, the TANK teetering on an edge as our only option was atop a hill. For those who are unaware, this is no good for grey & black water holding tanks in an RV. Midnight clean ups were had as murky water whirled through our toes.

Luke: Although the thought of leaving this paradise was against every bone in my body, the journey must continue and we drove on to Hopkins where we camped out on the glittery beach for days. They had these Alsatian cross wolf hounds there, JJ kept on wandering over to their compound and pressing his line of acceptance. With the echoing sound of the moody receptionist saying ” those dogs will tear that puppy and you apart. keep him on a leash.” we left when it felt right too.




Keep reading and follow the adventure!


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